Project management

Whether it is preparing an event to launch a new service or to build a new plant, we all have to manage projects on a daily basis. Some make career on managing projects with advanced tools, while others have to make their jobs with no real management tools. Why not offer an environment conducive to effective management of projects or teams, for your small projects, for your major initiatives, for a small teams or an entire enterprise? Your company would not benefit of easier management of your projects, large or small? What would be the impact of increasing the success rate of your projects by decreasing from as little as 5% costs? Umaknow offers an evolutionary approach that introduces no overhead to your small projects while helping the smooth running of your major projects.

Content Management

Are you using a deep and complex folder structure on file servers? Are they not always transmitted by email, even to employees internally? Most of our customers do, even those who hold documentary management tools. Habits are entrenched, the heaviness of the documentary management tools puts off many who see no benefit. A complex classification scheme (which please archivists) does only harm to the creation, collaboration and content sharing - part of the usual and most important of information workers. Optimizing these activities has great value for your business. UMAknow specializes in architecture for content and knows how to guide you in setting up a simplified and efficient use of your content classification. However, we do not stop there, because there is no point to have good 'tools' if it does not handle change. We therefore accompany you throughout the implementation of the solution, by putting emphasis on the transfer of knowledge and coaching.

Collaboration and Social

The wealth of your company based on your employees, it is well known, but is this only the case, or is it not also due to the synergy that is taking place in your teams? Umaknow believes that foster collaboration within your company and with your business partners is a guarantee of effectiveness. The clash of generations in workplace and lot of jobs to fill in the next years will ask businesses of all sizes to create an environment conducive to the exchange and ongoing dialogue with your employees. Whether it's helping you to economically justify a social environment or to help you to put in place, Umaknow can assist you. The establishment of a collaborative environment will both optimize your operational work as your communities of practice, and above all, the sense of belonging of your employees and their commitment.


If you are implementing a new solution or want to ensure that the current solution is being used, training should be a core element in your strategy. As part of your change management or your continuous improvement strategy, ÜMAknow can help you. Here is the training that ÜMAknow offers : Business How to make the transition from traditional methodology to agile methodology Better business productivity through efficient team organization Technology Introduction to Office 365 Office 365/SharePoint End User Office 365/SharePoint Power User Office 365/SharePoint Administration

Committee / Meeting Mgmt

What more current enterprise to manage meetings. Whether for your weekly meetings, your project Steering Committee or Board of Directors of the company, many opportunities are available to you to improve their effectiveness since the preparation of the agenda items to the follow-up of the report. Umaknow has guided several companies in this optimization, integrating with your other related processes.

Mobile Application

If your internal processes need to be integration and accessible via your mobile devices and you have BYOD policies for your employees, we can help you in the development of an mobile application that will be compatible with any devices at a low cost. Get a fast return on your investment.