Generate Azure Active Directory Documentation

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We are proud to announce that we have added the support of Azure Active Directory in Azure DocKit. This feature is still in beta version. The following components are documented for Azure Active Directory: List of users All the users…

New authentication pattern in Azure DocKit

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Azure Doc Kit now has a new authentication mechanism based on Azure Active Directory. As we wanted to make the generation of Azure documentation as easy as possible, we have remove the need to create and upload a management certificate….

Create Azure Documentation with Web Sites screenshots

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Azure DocKit now automatically embed a screenshot of the web site in the documentation. This allows you to quickly see the website that is documented. As an example, the following document extract the information for the website: As for…

Generate Azure Blob Storage documentation with size reports

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Azure DocKit now has the ability to generate a size diagram for all your Blob Storage. This diagram will quickly show you the size of your containers inside your Blob Storage. As an example, Azure DocKit can generate the following…

Generate Azure Documentation with dependency graphs

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Today we are adding a first release of dependency graphs in Azure DocKit. With this new feature, you can now create diagrams that will show the dependencies found between your Azure Web Applications and Azure SQL Databases. As an example,…

Generate detailed Azure SQL Documentation

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We are proud to announce that AzureDocKit now supports the documentation inside a database. You can now get details about the following components in all you SQL Databases: Users Tables Views Stored Procedures Roles In order to retrieve the data,…

Data Retrieval and Custom Templates options

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You can now customize the way AzureDocKit is going to generate documentation by using the following options: The Document Template gives you the following options regarding the document that is going to be generated Small : The document only contains…

Management Certificate Generation automated

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Azure Documentation Toolkit will now allow you to generate Management Certificates for testing purpose. We want you to be able to test our product as easily as possible and not to have to generate Management Certificates using complex command lines….